Connect worlds & shorten development paths
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Improve your energy for life & business
In this free audio training you will learn:
  • Module 1: Different ways to look at energy
  • Module 2: What gives you & what takes you energy
  • Module 3: Improve your energy for life
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    Module 4: Improve your energy for business
Improve your energy for life & business now
Module 1:
Different ways to look at energy
Module 2:
What gives you energy & what takes you energy?
Module 3:
Improve your energy
for life
Module 4:
Improve your energy
for business
Improve your energy for life & business now
About Dr. Cornelia Birta
Mind-Body Expert & Entrepreneur & Business Developement Coach

My mission:
Connect worlds & shorten development paths

When medicine could no longer helped me in a deep crisis, I went on a long journey from Harvard Medical School and the Oxford Mindfulness Center to Malaysia and India to learn new sciences and to explore the old traditions using techniques of self-empowerment.

Today, I share my knowledge of 15 years of personal and professional transformation, thousands of client interviews, more than 200 seminars, courses and management consulting in programs and online courses to help entrepreneurs & executives make quantum leaps and guide them through the challenges of change.


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    Training in conventional medicine, specialisation in mind body medicine and psychoneuroimmunology
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    Transdisciplinary training in business coaching, EMBA Technology Management (HSG), modern mindfulness-based cognitive therapy
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    Development of over 100 innovative seminars and workshops & trainings on the topics
  • Managing stress, pressure and change
  • Resilience for sustainable success
  • Develop focus and clarity in complex enviroments
  • Be stronger than the crisis
  • Remote leadership for virtual teams

What customers say?

...I was on the way of burnout in 2014...
After the seminar with Mrs. Birta it was clear to me that I learned more for my health and empowerment than in 4 weeks psychosomatic clinic, unbelievable!

Robert, 49, KMU, Munich

...the search came to an end... a life-changing experience. I can't ignore what I've learned. The course and the great structure helped me integrate what I had learned into my daily life."

Sebastian, 43, manager, Zurich

... good didactics and instructions, many useful exercises. I have done courses and retreats before, I also read a lot, because the're topics of interest for me, this course was something different. I loved the guided meditations most of all, I listen to them again and again when I feel I can't get any further. I can recommend it for my heart for those of you that want to have quantum leaps and want to shorten their ways."

Yvonne, 32, large company, Zug

... Mrs Birta has the ability to explain complex topics in a simple way. As a man and manager I was sceptical at first and wanted to know what is the science behind. This knowledge allowed me to get get deeper in the exercises."

Harald, 47, manager, large company, Munich

... a wonderful combination of science and techniques from other traditions. I have been practicing yoga for 6 years - I can now better understand the connections between mind and body and get more from my practice - highly recommended!

Nina, 34, start up, Basel